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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring cleaning

Things come and go. Our downstairs fridge exhaled its last breath and I've decided to replace it with a compact. Our alley clean up is next month so it is a good time to drag the old one behind the house and wait for it to disappear.

Once the old one is gone, well, then there is the task of cleaning behind it... and situating the new one in its place. This is the time to raise the curains, enjoy the view of the garden and drag out the old and replace it with something recycled, if possible. It was tough, deciding whether to buy a new smaller fridge or a second hand larger fridge. In the end, the possibility of a lower electrical bill won out - plus we are trying to buy less and buy fresh...more european and less processed. I've planted lettuce and spinach this year for the first time! I love picking the leaves from the pot and putting them directly on the plate. Yum.

We aren't very domestic, mr dd and I. We'd like to be. Better yet, we'd love to hire a wife or a husband to help us with these tasks. When Mr. dd asked me to marry him I said "Darling, I'll marry you and spend the rest of my life with you but I cannot commit to being anyone's 'wife..." He got it. He married me anyway. We manage. We manage best when we have the time and money to hire a house keeper.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

oh, Mr. Green Jeans Where art thou?

Gee, I never thought I'd be tagged by am 18 month old. He must be a prodigy - either that or he confused me with is Aunt!

AND SO IT IS, to the tune of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Book: this is a tough one. Most recent fav: The Time Traveler's Wife

Favorite Number: Seven

Favorite Foods: a really great sheep cheese

Favorite PBS Show: Art 21

Favorite Playtime: mornings in the garden

Favorite Hugger: Mr. DD

Favorite Toy: new video to digital converter so we can transfer our old videos to DVD format

Favorite Partner in Crime: my mermaid friend

Favorite Winter Activity: time in the studio or kitchen

Favorite Color: payne's gray

Favorite Room to run around in: oh, the bedroom!

Favorite Beverage: a good pinot noir

Favorite Animal: it would be choice between my two feline friends

Favorite N0-No: shoe shopping

Favorite Monster: my appetite for travel


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eyeballing the future

above: charcoal study of a Thomas Eakins drawing by one of my students

It was time. My eyes haven't been examined by anyone other than a DMV employee since I was a pre-teen. My need for "readers" has progressed from my newspaper read in the am to really most all of the time. I can't talk to people at social events without their faces being fuzzy. I like to see what I'm eating. Whether I use glasses or not in the studio depends on what I'm working on.

And this isn't good. Readers are designed for reading and as they are sliding down my nose while driving and looking and lecturing and teaching it is becoming conspicuous. Yesterday I met with an optometrist. My eyes were examined, scanned, dialated, illuminated, tested (etc) and it was determined that yes, I am losing my long distance vision as well. And no, I don't have complications due to diabetes, etc, etc. I'm glad to know its "normal" but sad that this is something that I am told is irreversible.

It was explained to me that the lens is like an onion skin in reverse and each year a new layer is added to it making it less pliable and less capable of focusing. All you readers out there - anyone know a cure or therapy for "old age" eyes? I'd try just about anything! My french friends do exercises that they swear by but I don't think anyone's eyes have reexperienced the glory of youth yet.


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Friday, March 02, 2007

Cheers! May your friends dance by your side and your enemies limp so you can see them coming...

Or as the Greeks say "salut and death to your enemies!" The global round of cheers came last night while a fellow pisces celebrated her birthday at one of the "hipper" eating establishments in the hood. She invited an interesting collection of women to come and toast her 49th year. My pork loin was excellent and everything looked and smelled perfect. She received some thoughtful gifts and gave out amazing party favors. It was a very civilized and pleasant evening and in some ways very sobering!

Mr. Beloved was down the street with a bartender buddy pow wowing about something of great portent. He arrived home shortly after I but in a very wobbly state indeed! Oh, he was oblivious to it but he was wearing an Andy Capp with minimal grace. Andy may have slept on the couch but at least he could hold his liquore. Mr. Beloved was puking over the sounds of Keith Olberman's Countdown. Too bad. I was hoping he'd notice that the cats and I were waiting for him to come to bed. sigh.

More years than I want to remember I was celebrating a birthday or maybe it was a holiday with a group of friends who were all a little older than me but who share my sense of adventure. We took off one night after work (I was a night cashier in a large union grocery chain.) Everyone was in a celebratory mood. I was 16 or 17 going on 26. We began the evening at the Mattress (not ON it!); a former Mattress Factory, the Mat was a white boys version of a juke joint on the outskirts of town. We sauntered into the dark and heard an early version of this amazing band.
Most of all we were surprised to hear Charlie J. (the blonde in the aviator shades) playing his harmonica in front since Charlie wasn't much older than I was and he was already notorious for his eccentric habits. I don't remember much about that smoke filled shack except that I hated leaving. It was always amuseing to read the graffiti written in the dust-covered Buicks and Fords in the parking lot... "Les, will you SKK my dKK, and Jamie, U can come too!" etc, etc. Dust Graffiti... is so ZEN! Another delta resident remembers the same night and tells the story on this link.

Afterwards the boys in our group weren't ready to go home but it was too late to buy more beer. They knew of an afterhours place they'd take us to. What's an afterhours place I wondered?

We wound up at this place in the pitch black of night. It was the first time I was one of the few white faces in a crowd although it was so dark inside it probably didn't matter to anyone but me. It felt like I was being stared at - either because I was white or under age or a combo of both. One thing I now know - it was the same juke joint described in the article linked above and I'm so happy to know it is still entertaining the locals near Merigold.

We left with beer in tow and whoever was driving managed to drive us into a ditch beside one of the dirt roads one still takes to find the place. It was very dark, very early in the am and raining! We laughed but it was very dismal. Eventually a hero approached us from the horizon. I can't count the number of times farmers have saved me... moew times than I can keep track of. We all piled into the back of a generous farmer's truck. I arrived at my friend's around dawn to find out that the emergency brake on my Dodge Dart had slipped and it had rolled into the street. I can't remember if it was towed or ticketed or both. It was one of those epic evenings where I was pretty sober but overwhelmed by the vastness of possibilities... even in our little part of the world. If you look at the map of Mississippi included in the NYC article I grew up on hwy 61 between Clarksdale and Merigold.

I miss the friends I had then... especially Kellie M. I wasn't hanging out with her that night but she would have had something to say about it. She grew up in Merigold and I think by the time she was 16 she had just seen it all. She was always an old soul with a heart of gold. She would be a great teacher if she were alive today.

Most of my highschool friends live elsewhere now. California, Memphis, Atlanta, Virginia, New York. There is one thing about the south that I'll always love. If you avoid the box stores (the Walmarts, etc) you'll find that it's not as homogenized as the rest of the US. I'm always ISO of authenticity wherever I go.

Anyone interested in the history of "jook" should check out Birney Ime's great "Juke Joints". Of course the House of Blues used this book as the design source for their interiors (true story)... but what they hey. At least they got close to the source.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mood Music

I found an art blog more eclectic than mine with the file above embedded. Someone commented on his blog asking if this clip was posted in honor of President's Day...

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