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Friday, October 24, 2008

More true bloody confessions

I must confess the grim romance Bill and Sookie have initiated in the televised version of their world has become a bit tiring. Where is the fun? With Halloween so close at hand a RHPS clip seems timely and an ideal counter to Sookie's inexperience. Malcolm and his gang seem to echo the sentiments here on occassion though the True Blood soundtrack is always - oh, so noir compared to R.H!

I love it, don't get me wrong, but this time of year I am reminded of how much I love and needed this film and its soundtrack back when I was a bit younger than Sookie.

It is easy to imagine that Bill could be a Rocky Horror fan since he is into science fiction/alien films in the book. I guess I'll just have to imagine Sookie singing Janet's parts between now and Sunday night at 9pm. Fast forward and perhaps Eric could play the roll of Rocky! Now that would be a hilarious reenactment to counter the vampire civil war reenactors that were humorously referred to in another blog.

Rocky Horror made its way all over the world... like I am sure True Blood will do. It even made its way to my living room in 1982... before it was on VHS, much less DVD or Netflix! I was introduced to the LP by a young Australian who hung out at the University pool where I worked as a lifeguard. He was very cute and straight, very aussie and independent in this thinking... as well as a pilot at a very young age. The film was shown on campus one weekend and I managed to borrow it and the projector (!!!) for a party at my house. I knew the right people at the right time in those days.

It was the last big party of my undergrad years since it took me the rest of the semester to recover. We danced until dawn and every single thing that could be thrown or sprinkled from my kitchen pantry was on the hardwood floors of that house... flour, noodles, rice, galore. The landlord was a sweet guy, too. I feel bad about it now. Never rent to students... between the demands of my 21 credit hours, three jobs, grad school applications and the social life of a 21 year old, well domesticity wasn't even on the burner.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show gives me just as much joy now as it did then. I guess True Blood is the perfect post millennial escapism. I just need an antidote... and of course there is no antidote for V!

The clip above is one of the most controversial scenes of late. It always surprises me when an audience doesn't know the difference between Gothic and Science Fiction, Fantasy and reality. Its a genre-bending series... with passion, humor, history, tragedy and comedy...

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Anonymous foam said...


10/24/2008 7:01 AM  
Anonymous dd said...

grrrrrr? grrrrrrr? Is that a Rocky imitation?

10/24/2008 9:38 AM  
Blogger foam said...

that is foam going grrrrrrr when she saw this video ..

10/25/2008 9:57 PM  

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