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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here and There

I've been working in an artist residency in Bavaria for awhile now. The landscape and architecture are picture perfect... Brother's Grimm meet Heidi and share a pint together. The people who live in this proud land are good Catholics who drink a very high standard of beer and spend a great amount of time tending to their decorative vines. (really... like art) I am inspired by them in many ways. 

It's has been very cold here- in the upper 50's during the day - and I was in such a state before I left home that I still had half my clothes from my Florida trip in my bag. I grabbed one sweater as an after thought... for the plane! I knew better. Anyway... an amatuer paintng class gathers in the park outside my atelier every afternoon for FOUR HOURS and they work plein air... in the cold and the rain. I've not let myself complain about the weather since I've been admiring their fortitude.

I've posted a photo of one of my greatest comforts at home... my youngest furr ball. She is snoozing here - completely unaware that our Siamese is glaring at her, waiting for a chance to demonstrate who rules the roost.

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