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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Only in Virginia

Sigh. The Treme Brass Performs at the National Folk Festival. The Treme Brass Band wanders through the crowd trying to inspire a second line in the NOLA tradition. Please note the confused music lovers wondering why the band has left the stage and is parading through the crowd. "Are they finished," one person asks? Um, its times like these....

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

catching the waves

mr dd and I find easy entertainment downtown. interactive art is good for killing ten minutes or so. it won't be around as long as most of the art I really love so ya gotta enjoy it now.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

the beginning of the end of innocence

There is a point in time where we all change. We learn the world isn't what we thought it was... that people lie, talk the talk, deceive, use, manipulate, that life isn't fair. My friend's, mr and mrs. boss (they called each other boss) told me when I reached the age of 30 they would tell me the big secret of life. Never mind the fact that P. was just a few years older than me... but that Mr. Boss was 15 years older than her... so maybe there was something he knew that I didn't know yet. I really thought I was an adult in my 20's - after all my mother had three babies by the time she was 25.

When I hit 30 they told me: "There is no difference between right and wrong in this world."
Of course I knew this... really....after all I was a child during the watergate years!
This truth is really something people learn early in life... its survival after all. One fall several years ago I asked a number of artist friends to write or tell their stories about this truth... to tell me when their world changed, when it was different than it was the day before. Some told stories of the realization of racism, sex, justice and hipocracy. Some learned they were adopted. Others learned that friends of their parents thought of them as sexual objects - whatever.

The apples above represent these stories... all fruit from the tree of knowledge. Please tell us your story, the time you lost your innocence... for art, for truth, for redemption. You can post it anonymously if you want. Truth is truth, regardless of the writer.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Cannery Row still exists in 2006.
Surrounded by Country Clubs and
resorts, it offers folks like us a place
to imagine a different life.

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