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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benefits of being Married to a Facebook Slut:

a detail of a painting by a friend who paints faces but is not into facebook

This morning Mr. dd seemed to be particularly interested in addressing a long standing leak in our master bath, such as it is. This is not like him. I reminded him I will be away over the weekend and I didn't want to come home to a flood on the first floor.

He announced that he now has excellent instructions because he posted in his Facebook update an announcement that he wanted to know how to repair a bathroom leak. SIXTEEN people responded with detailed comments that described how he might approach remedying the situation. I was dumbfounded and VERY amused since Mr. dd doesn't know the difference between an allen wrench and vice grips. It's not his thing. He is a man of words and action - as in acting and writing... not home repair. I had a good laugh, though.

It was even funnier, I thing - because I am in the middle of David Sedaris' "Engulfed in Flames" and sometimes I think I may have married a straighter version of Mr. Sedaris. Both make me laugh out loud and during the past eight years humor has made my life much richer than home repair. While our economy is being flushed down the toilet is seems like humor may be our greatest asset!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a mouse in the cat house

Our two cats - who hate each other - were both corraled around the base of our dining room table this morning. Hmmm. Something was up. I found a torch and bent over to investigate... crawling on my hands and knees to get a good look. Aha! A mouse was surrounded by my two growling felines. Good, I thought. These two are finally earning their keep!

Premature assumption. Flan would stick her fat paw under the table pedestal and the mouse would run out the other side. Miro would bat at it but let it go. Do I have to do everything myself? I grabbed a paper towel and swooped down and caught the mouse in my cupped hands.

Mr. dd unlocked the gate in the back and walked it down the alley and dropped it in a recycle container. With any luck it found a new home at a recycling center on the edge of the city. The cats didn't even realize it was gone. Miro and Flannery were both observing the pedestal table with great intensity. Sad but true.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Facebook Politics

Mr. dd is a facebook slut. He has over 800 friends so I think he can't be very discriminating! Still...

This am I crank up my sizzling laptop (it really sizzles like its shorting out - please help(!) and I log into FB to discover a friend request from a once ubercool trustafarian* artist friend who has collaborated with Annie Sprinkle and who dated all the coolest dudes before she married, had a kid and moved to NYC or the Hamptons or wherever. Happy to know she is still kicking and that her daughter looks even more impish than her.

Mr. dd walks in the door and I ask "Guess who asked me to be their friend?" He answered immediately the name of another aquaintance who we've both been ignoring on FB due to their stranger than fiction and generally annoying character. And I said, no, not that person. And Mr. dd said well I just got another message from"THAT person" saying friendship is only "one click away!"

I laughed and laughed and laughed since this person we've been ignoring on FB truly has no boundaries (especially after their sex change operation)... and who will say anything to anybody regardless of the consequence. (a little too wreckless for my taste) so I continued laughing and almost became the FB friend of said aquaintance for giving me such a good laugh in the morning. Still something to consider.....

Then I said " and so wants to be my friend(!) and is actually considering getting a real job" and Mr dd said "well that says something about the economy"... He's so funny. I guess that's why everyone wants to be Mr. dd's friend.

*trustafarian is Mr. dd's name for all the people we know who live off their trust funds. He said we should hire our trustafarian friend to clean our house and document it as a performance piece. Not a bad idea if we could pay her in books and art.... if only!

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