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Sunday, April 02, 2006

April in Paris

My friend Yvette is back in Australia and I've been left to my own devices to amuse myself. Of course this can be dangerous since I am most prone to being a work acoholic. Yvette's last night in town we attended a vernissage at Galeri Felli. One of the artists I met told me of an exhibition at Belleville in a Squat Space that sounded interesting. I mentioned it to the Frenchman Fab and Australian Jane and they were up for it - so we were off. I haven't really hung out with Fab and Jane very much. They are Yvettels buddies - but its great. It is a splendid evening and we started the evening at the Canal St. Martin near Belleville. It is so nice out that we sat outside and ordered Pastisse - my first of the season - my first in maybe ten years. The moon is rising, the stars are out and Jane and Fab are in love. Somehow its ok being a third wheel in Paris although it would be even better is Mr. DD were here.

We made our way to the Squat Space - a large empty building in Belleville that was taken over for the evening. Of course the entire event was a huge fire hazzard with smokers, crowds and stairwells that I wouldn't want to see in good light adding an air of risk to the event. The show was of course about democracy and the war in Iraq... with contemporary video, performance art, painting, sculpture and installation filling three floors of timeless decrepitude. I loved it.
The building pulsed. It leaked water out the side... the streets were was Paris.

Afterwards we were to PHO again. I first visited it Yvette's last night. I think the food is Vietnamese but I'm not sure. I know I love their spicey soup and it is so cheap I would eat here once a week if it were a little closer to the Cite. Fab and Jane are in love. I makes me homesick for my beloved. I wonder if they will be able to make love stay. It is not an easy thing.

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