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Thursday, July 17, 2008

some things never change

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fading light

As I listen to cicadas fade in and out through the window behind my head I am thankful that the weather has been fairly kind to us this year. The mosquitoes seem to be as brutal as ever but the temperature is softer... warm to hot in the afternoons and cooling off most nights. We haven't turned on our AC this season which allows me sit here surrounded by two open windows with content cats perched in them.

My laptop is the warmest and brightest thing here as the light fades outside. This quiet time is something I cherish.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Are you the child of Tom Waits?

Tom Waits is touring this summer to promote his new CD "Glitter and Doom." I'll miss seeing him so I thought I'd post this to honor his journey from there to here.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008


One of the few things on earth that comes between mr dd and I may surprise you: vines. Not vineyards... no... although he probably wouldn't be excited about the prospect of taking care of vineyards or growing them against the side of our house - like they do in Germany and France.

I've realized of late that there may be some history here.... because I grew up with an ancient wisteria bush beside our house. It bloomed every year and the base of the plant consisted of vines as thick as a tree trunk. It was an amazing specimen that wrapped itself around an old swingset that hadn't been used for several generations.

My father ran amuck at some point while I was away at university... probably dealing with issues of control... but I can't remember if it was before or after my Mom left home... the result was he had the wisteria vine and most everything else growing on that side of the property taken out. It appalled me to discover this and there was nothing that could be done. I couldn't cry or pout or yell. I just accepted the fact that he would never "get" why I was so upset. NOW, I worry that mr dd is much the same. We go round and round over the Virginia Creeper and whenever I am away he'll pull it down. Virginia Creeper is a desirable decorative vine that gardeners CULTIVATE in Europe and train to cover their property. It is perhaps more desirable than ivy since it doesn't attach as strongly and work its way into grout.

SO - while I worked in Germany last month I photographed every building, ancient or new, which featured trained ivy or creeper and would email them to mr dd - who loves all things german and french. All of my neighbors poo poo my love of the vine - and strangers feel compelled to tell me how "bad" it is for the structure of our home and I just look at them and want to ask them where they live and how old their house is.

One of the highlights of the 4th of July happened when we arrived at a cookout to see the side of the hosts' home covered with ivy.... a host who mr dd has a great deal of respect for...(!)
I said, "sweetheart, please come over here, I want to show you something!"
He walks over and lean my head toward the wall. He looks and says: "Ivy." I said yes, "Ivy!"
The wife of host walks over and asks what is wrong and said - "oh, everything is right!" and I explained our vine dilemna. She said mr host had researched it and as long as the ivy doesn't get into your woodwork the house is fine... mr dd said: "Oh."

I love discovering simple pleasures in unexpected places!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008



Scary, huh. It's hard to believe this is real but I've often to found the truth to be must stranger than fiction and rarely in need of embellishment. One of the first pronouncements I remember coming out of my father's mouth was in regard to the events depicted below. We were sitting at the dinner table. It must have been summer since there was light streaming in the window while we were forced to eat our vegetables.

I was on one end of the table and my Dad on the other. I don't remember the previous conversation that led to this but he proclaimed there would be no more Beatles cartoons in his house. "Why?" I asked. He answered: " They claimed they were better than Jesus Christ!" (I may have been in the first or second grade... ) "Ooooh," I answered.

This stuck with me for a long time. I was the eldest and one of those children who worked very hard to please my parents.... until the age of 12 or 13. The tides turned quickly, much to my father's dismay. When one realizes that the response for everything they ask for will be NO, well, one just quits asking. My solution? I determined that if I made good grades I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn't ask. I played a lot of Beatles, did my homework to "The Tomorrow Show" with Tom Snyder... and pretty much anything else.

C'est la vie.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lessons Learned


What I'd love to be doing....

I watched this many times without the music and LOVED it. For some reason the soundtrack is just sappy. What a great way to spend a year or so - dancing all over the world.