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Friday, August 22, 2008

flan flan's life lessons

This is not the flan! I discovered this photo somewhere on the "internets"
awhile back and had to save it because it captures something tragic, yet true
about our relationship with cats. I must confess if our cats did this
we wouldn't share the same roof with them. We'd be forced to hire them out
as "hit kitties" to earn their keep and pay their own rent.

Flannery has been out all morning. I looked and looked out the window and did not see her. After a long while I began to worry so I went out and looked at her line more closely and realized she was looking down at me from the garage roof! She climbed the tree, you see - and was very proud of herself. I tugged a little at the line and realized that she was very tangled and could kill herself if she tried to come down the way she went up.

I began climbing the garage ladder to fetch her and she soon became excited and started to make her way down the tree. Soon she was hanging from her line with her claws clutching the mimosa for dear life #7 or 8... so I climbed up on the roof and reeled her in like a big furry fish.

She was purring like a maniac.

I guess our cats really do need us since the more freedom we give them the greater chance they'll find trouble. Maybe that's the problem with this nation. We've had so much freedom and
discovered so much trouble that we've buried ourselves in our own excess. I hope I am wrong.

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Anonymous blue racoon said...

Wow! A tremendous object lesson, I guess. Thing is, metaphors only go so far. A cat doesn't have the ability to think through an issue as thoroughly as we humans are supposedly supposed to be able to.

Freedom means responsibility and vigilance. If you can't handle freedom, someone will invariably become to organize your freedom for you, and among people, that's when the problems begin. You saved her neck--but she has no idea what you did for her and won't remember, either. So. Maybe she is like many in the general population, after all.

A great story, though.

8/22/2008 1:23 PM  
Anonymous foam said...

i'm glad she is safe..
and you are unscratched..

8/22/2008 7:01 PM  

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